Agricultural Engineering Department

Welcome to the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

Agricultural Engineering is a life-based engineering discipline that integrates life sciences with engineering in the advancement and application of fundamental concepts to provide food, feed, fibre and protect the environment. Our department emphasizes a range of research areas including agricultural production/natural resources, biotechnology engineering, food engineering, soil and water conservation and environmental protection engineering.The Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering is recognized as the leading one of its kind in the region and is consistently viewed as one of the top agricultural engineering departments in the nation.

As you browse the descriptions of our various programmes, you will notice a common theme in all our missions: integration of engineering with agricultural (life) and environment, or the application of engineering principles to agriculture and environment.Engineering consists of three parts: analysis, synthesis, and design. Analysis is the study of systems in order to understand their function. Synthesis is the practical building of the systems under analysis. Both steps contribute to the end goal of engineering, which normally lies in the design of the product.The different engineering disciplines in FUTA are based on pure and applied science. The different branches are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering. Others different branches are Mining Engineering, and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.

These engineering disciplines take off from a traditional science and use it to explore, innovate, and finally design. All these integrated with life science solve the agricultural problems, thus the essence of our existence and functionality.The Environmental Engineering part of the programme is an interdisciplinary programme focusing on areas of major importance of environmental, biological, and engineering sciences.In 2013, to more accurately reflect the scope of research activities and degree programmes, the Department recently changed its name to Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. The new name therefore confers on us the role of applying engineering principles to Agriculture and Environment in order to make life much more comfortable to people.Our department is in to the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology but collaborates with the School of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology and others schools in the University.The National Universities Commission (NUC) - accredited undergraduate programme in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering brings together courses in life sciences, earth sciences, mathematical sciences, environmental sciences, physical sciences and engineering. Our graduate programme offers two higher degrees, the Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees which prepare students for research and professional management in engineering.

Also, the department offers an advanced diploma programme, Post-graduate Diploma (PGD) as a bridge into the engineering research and professional engineering.Today, study within the Department emphasizes fundamental engineering principles, designs, processes and systems. Our products at both undergraduate and graduate are creative, adaptive, and well-grounded. They are sufficiently equipped to seek and create employment in industry, academia, government and private sectors.I invite you to explore our website and become better acquainted with our department, our degree programmes, our research activities, and our school. If you desire additional information our departmental staff will be pleased to respond. Head of Department